Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!

I'd like to wish you a Happy Year of the Rabbit.

May this year be prosperous, happy and healthy.

For the food, I present to you the feast at my mom's house last night:


Noodles represent longevity, so you want the noodles to be long and uncut.

The word "Fish" in Chinese is very similar to the word "year."  Having fish is good for a long, happy year.

We also present offerings to our ancestors and to the Kitchen God so they'll look over us and be happy in the afterlife.

We present food, meats, wine and tea, along with burning incense.  There is a chair at the head of the table so they can sit and feast.  I would get in trouble as a kid, because I didn't know I couldn't sit in that chair!

We also burn paper money and paper with gold and silver printed on them, so our ancestors and the Gods will have money, gold and silver to use... wherever they are.


Happy New Year!

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